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Undă Choreography Workshop With Dana Beaufait


Seven Cities Dance Studio
47 E Queens Way, Ste 202 23669 Hampton United States
Learn a New performable choreography from Dana Beaufait and performit with her the next day in a show!
Register by paying here: paypal.me/DanaBeaufait/35

*******More Info*****
This will be a beggining of a new project envolving many dances and storys created by Dana Beaufait.

WE will be performing the very next day together in Richmond! For who ever is avalible, car pooling from the studio on Sunday. :)

Undă will be a tittle to resprestent a collective of dancers (Undines) that are motivated to dance on thier own as well as in a group. A dance troupe if you will, that has the ability to grow and shrink and express. Undă Japan and Undă USA will be able to dance the same dances and share in the same visions across the globe!

The First choreography will be this groups namesake. Unda is an old song done many ways. This story will be a strong and slithering one!

As I picture a young maiden on her journy through the jungles finding a temple of Snake and with it her strength as a woman.

We will be learning combinations that string together to create a whole choreo. This choreo will focus on Balance, the slowest of the gooey movements, deep base accents, level changes and theatrical represintaion of the story from head to toe.

Please Bring:
-lunch or snack for our half way break
-note book (There will be hand outs! :) yay!)
-yoga mat (optional)

Dont panic! I would love for everyone to make this class but it will be taught again I hope and others!! *Fingerscrossed*

-you should be able to use this link with out having a paypal account
-If you dont want to use Paypal you can pay at the door with card or cash I just need to know if your planning on coming